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Custom Phone Case, Create a Personalized Style | CrystaCase - DSstyles DIY
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Nobody is perfect so as DSstyles. We would love to hear your comment after using our DIY application. There might be something paramount that our team missed and, DSstyles would like to take this opportunity to enhance the user experience of this application to improve the overall product and service standard. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any suggestions, compliments are always welcome! Your valuable feedback will definitely be shared with the team. We’ll read every single feedback thoroughly to ensure nothing overlooked.
In return, you can redeem a USD $5  OFF Discount in buying your very own designed phone case. If you loved our service, please do us a favor in telling your BFF and share with the world via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. Thank you very much!

Where promotional discounts are applied to orders, the discount will be applied to each item in the basket. In the event of a return, you will not be refunded the discounted proportion.


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