Summer is approaching. We believe that you will spend more time on your iphone or Samsung Galaxy. Therefore, we would like to recommend 5 applications that you cannot miss after the release of ios6. They can be found in both Apple store and Android Market. By making use of these apps, you will enjoy an excellent summer.

1.Angry Birds Seasons

One of the popular apps, Angry Birds, is back this week. In this summer, the angry birds will be taken to Piglantis, where they do not only battle the pigs in the air but also under the water. We are sure that this can bring you a fun and challenging summer.


2. Waze

Travel is the most common activity during summer. Many people may drive to different states or place for vacation. Therefore, Waze can certainly help. It now offers real-time gas prices and fuel discounts, in addition to driving directions and traffic information. The app lets you check out gas prices near you, or even find those that will be physically on your route, and also offers discounts at the pump for Waze drivers using the app. Waze can make your trip more informative and convenient.


3. Gabi

Gabi launched this week for the iPhone, and gives users a new way to visualize and interact with Facebook. Unlike other apps that just read your feed, Gabi uses a language processor to analyze your feed, letting you ask specific questions, such as “Who likes my photos the most” to sort information based on what’s important to you.


4. HotelTonight

Unpredictable trips make you worry about no place to stay? This week onwards, the last-minute hotel booking app, HotelTonight, offers last-minute deals on hotels in Europe. Unlike other discount booking services, the Android and iPhone app offers deals on just three handpicked hotels each day, bookings can be made anytime between noon and 2am, allowing users to get deals even after other discount sites have shut their doors for the day.

5. Weddar

Weddar is People Powered Weather Service. Since the Public Weather Report Services is not accurate all the time, travelers now can plan their trip by using this app. The “Check” Map screen gives you immediate information about how people are feeling the weather anywhere in the world. Travelers can rearrange their travel schedule immediately after using the “Check” Map.



We believe the above apps can bring you a joyful summer. Please share with us your comments after using the apps or any apps you think are “cannot miss” as well.

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