Having been working more than 5 years in DSSTYLES, I have been witnessing 5 generations of iPhone launch (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5). What actually is a staff benefit is really the unlimited access to different kinds of iPhone cases you can try. Honestly speaking, I can say that I have use more than 100 different kinds of iPhone cases through these 1825 days. That’s around 3 month’s interval for a new case.

Even with a staff price, I am still yet to buy a Swarovski iPhone case in 4 previous generations of iPhone. This time, after negotiating with my boss, as a special gift for a 5 years old worker, I finally get this on my hands!

Bling Crystal Phone Cases For iPhone 5

Swarovski Crystal iPhone 5 Cases

The reason why I write this because I believe most of you are just like me, thinking about the prices and also the quality of this case. So, in the rest, I will try to write in your position.

I am not in the Swarovski iPhone 5 cases division and I am so surprised when I receive it. It’s truly eyes catching. Trust me, it worth the money you pay for.

My iPhone 5 is arriving soon, and I will let you all know how my case is doing with it.

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