It’s difficult to trace back to the time that Leopard boarded on the fashion stage, but we have to admit that it brings the fashion industry – whether clothes or accessories – the extremely independent style. Leopard print has never gone out of style — and has probably never not been in style; not everyone has the prerequisite pomp to pull it off. It requires an unabashed sense of grandiosity and an implied sexual bravado.

As a pattern, these little asymmetrical dots have conquered everything from panties to galoshes to sorority girl cowboy hats, swinger lounge lampshades to school backpacks. Without exception, DSstyles also bring our fans several splendid designed leopard print phone cases. As the concept that DSstyles always conveys:Creating the distinctive and trendy fashion for mobile accessories, we will never let our fans be disappointed.

Leopard Series Phone Case Series

( available for HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S2 i900, iPhone 4 and 4s)



If you want to give others a sexy and mysterious impression, perhaps you just need a leopard print element, or more exactly, a leopard phone case. Share with you, one of our best selling series— Leopard Series phone cases for HTC Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S2 i900, iPhone 4 and 4s, all have two types of color: white and yellow.

Leopard Swarovski iPad Case Series




Swarovski Crystal plus leopard element, an incredible combination that dazzles all the others’ eyes. You can’t tell how perfect this design can be. Bling and wild as this Leopard Swarovski iPad case being, you hold it to stand out from the crowd.

Leopardo Series iPhone 5 Flip Leather Cases



Among our new iPhone 5 cases, there also have a leopard designed series. These leopard flip leather cases have two colors: brown and white, the classic ones that cater the taste of the majority. It can surely be your all-match accessory. Don’t you think so?

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