Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone has been launched in June. Have you styled up your phone internally and externally? Do you know what kind of special feature it has? Let us introduce you its’ cute places.

1.   S Voice

S Voice is a voice recognition software. Double tap the home button to access it. You can also access it from the lock screen by saying “Hi Galaxy” or a customized command created by yourself.


2.   Smart Stay

Smart Stay uses eye-tracking technology to recognize you when you are looking at the screen. If you are not looking at it, it will automatically disable the screen timeout. Smart Stay can be switched on and off from the display settings menu.

3.   Direct Call

Direct Call will automatically call a contact if their log, contact, or message details are on the screen and you move the handset to your ear. Direct Call can be switched on and off in the Motion section of the settings menu.


4.   Smart Alerts

Smart alerts aims to notify you of any missed messages or calls.It will vibrate when you hold it so as to alert you if you have any missed calls of messages.


5.  Camera Quick Launch

You can also use the motion control to quickly open the camera app. From the lock screen you just have to tap and hold the screen with one finger, then rotate the handset into landscape mode and the camera app with open

6.  Palm Touch to Pause

If you are listening to music or watching a video and you want to pause it at once, then you can do this by simply covering the Galaxy S3 with the your hand palm.

7. Pop-Out Video Player

If you want to do something on the Galaxy S3 while watching a video at the same time, All you need to do is click the icon in the bottom right corner of the video player app to make it appear in a pop-out window. You can move it around the screen by dragging it and carry on with other tasks. Just tap the video to go full screen again.


Try those tricks and you will find fun playing with your Galaxy S3. If you find any other special tricks when using Galaxy S3. Please share with us.

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