The release day of Apple iPhone 5 is approaching. Many Apple fanatics are excited about the design of the iPhone 5. However, Apple is so secretive about the new designs. Nothing is confirmed about the new iPhone 5 as usual. Luckily, recent leaks have revealed what the iPhone 5 will probably look like. After reading the rumors of iPhone 5, Apple fans are disappointed with the new design as it is similar to iPhone 4S. However, Don Lehman, an industrial designer, explains why the iPhone 5 looks the way it does, and extrapolates his experience to reach conclusions that make perfect sense. Simple, it’s about refinement and functionality, and a big reason why Apple chose not to start from scratch.

iPhone 5

If the rumors are true, the iPhone 5 will have a unibody back-plate, which is revolutionary compared to the first iPhone. The new “wraparound metal back” is an improvement from the stainless steel antenna design first introduced in the iPhone 4.

Until now, we are not sure what material Apple used for the new iPhone 5, but the handset will now have “one big piece of aluminum or stainless steel” which wraps around the device. This is obviously different from the current design which has two side pieces of steel.

“The reason the back of the device is still made up of a few different pieces of metal and glass as opposed to one unibody piece is the antennas. Antennas for the most part do not transmit signals through metal. The cell antenna is integrated into the metal case, but there are still separate Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and potentially NFC antennas to deal with. They need to transmit their signal through non-signal-blocking materials like glass or plastic. That was why the original iPhone had a black plastic piece at the bottom of the case, why the iPhone  3G/3GS’s back was made entirely of plastic, and why the iPhone 4/4S’s back was made entirely of glass.” Don Lehman says.

The iPhone 5 release day is approaching, are you ready to buy it? Still thinking about it? Take a look on the video to see how will the iPhone 5 probably look like first.



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