DSstyles giveaway will never end. After May Vote To Win Giveaway, here comes to our June Vote To Win Classic Swarovski Crystal Phone Case Giveaway. Vote for your favorite Classic Swarovski Crystal Phone Cases and you will have a chance to win it! As each Facebook user can have one vote per day, you can vote for different case everyday or you can vote for the same color everyday as to make it become the highest voted items.

How to join?

Crystal Phone Case Giveaway

Go to DSstyles Facebook page to have fun now (Enter here)!



Start Date:          3rd Jun, 2013

End Date:            28th Jun, 2013



Classic Swarovski Crystal Phone Case  (USD200)

** Winner Will Be Chosen From The Highest Votes Side Randomly On 28 Jun   (Result Announcement)


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 Terms & Conditions  Apply. Copyright © 2013, DSstyles

In case of any disputes, DSstyles reserves the right of final decision.

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