Best Friend Day is around the corner. Have you prepared any gifts for your dearest friends yet? It is a perfect day to send a tailor made phone case to your forever friend to show your wishes and support to his/her. Every time when he/she looks at the case, you will be there to cheer his/her up and make his/her laugh. You will be with them through all the ups and downs of life. It is so sweet.


Here are some BFF Best Friends Forever Phone Cases example:

DIY Case

You Are Not Alone BFF Best Friends Forever iPhone 5 Cases

My best friend won’t let me do stupid things alone.



Eggs & Bacon BFF Best Friends Forever iPhone 5 Cases

Eggs and Bacon, best friends forever! Lovely egg and cute bacon is smiling and holding hands.

Other than friends, parents must be another important people in your life. As Father’s Day is coming, there is no better day than Father’s Day to tell your beloved dad how much he means to you. Treasure this golden opportunity to make a DIY case to him. He must be very happy to receive unique and personalized phone cases.


Here are some Happy Father’s Day Phone Cases example:

Father's Day Gift

World’s Best Dad iPhone 5 Cases

Dad will stand by me every moments.

DIY Case


Happy Father’s Day iPhone 5 Cases

 I love my dad.


Make something special for your dearest father and friends. Give them a truly personalized present that comes from the heart. Your can put in any best friend quotes, precious photos and special design on the phone cover. Create your own now.



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