DSstyles offers a variety of dog bowls and dog feeding accessories for your pets to make meal time his/her favorite time. Different dog bowls offer different features. Here are the pros and cons on the main types of pet bowls available.


Stainless Steel Dog Food Water Bowls

If you afraid that your dogs will chew or scratch the plastic food bowl, stainless steel pet bowls may be suitable for your dogs. They are the most durable and dishwasher safe. They are inexpensive and will not wear and tear easily.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls


Plastic Dog Dishes And Bowls

Plastic pet food dishes come in various sizes, shapes and colors. However, these bowls may not suitable for your dogs. Softer plastic bowls can be easily chewed or scratched by your pet and leaving places for bacteria to build up. As all of the pet bowls that are available in DSstyles are made of hard plastic, I think your pet will not break it easily. Also, plastic pet bowls are relatively inexpensive and unlikely to break if dropped.

Plastic Dog Bowls


Elevated Dog Stand Feeders

Our elevated feeder table consists of one or two stainless steel bowls in a stand. The stand is made of wood and with nice design. Experts believe that elevated feeders are good for dogs as it helps food travel down to the stomach and prevent gastrointestinal problems. Also, this type of bowl may be more comfortable for some dogs who have joint problems, gastric issues, or who are just having trouble in getting down to get their food. Elevated pet stand feeder is a little more expensive than the previous mentioned bowls as it contains the stainless steel pet bowls and the stand.

Elevated Dog Bowls


Automatic Water Dispenser Food Bowls

Pet automatic water dispenser food bowls contain standard pet bowls and a water bottle and or food dispenser. They are designed to keep the bowl full of water of food. However, free-feeding is not good for most of the dogs as you cannot monitor the food intake of your pet. If you will go out for a period of time, it may be the choice for you.
Automatic Dog Bowls



Travel Dog Bowls

Travel bowls can be collapsed to smaller sizes once empty. It is easy to carry them around when travelling.

Travel Dog Bowls


So, which one is the best for you pets? Come and shop now.

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