GoPro Hero 4, the most powerful action sports camera, will launch on 5th October. For sure, it is equipped with some anticipated features along with a few surprises. The GoPro Hero4 will come in 3 editions. There are some significant differences between them. The black one is still the top-specification model, but silver has a few neat tricks of its own. Finally, the white edition is just a new camera simply called “Hero.”



GoPro Hero 4 Camera


The Hero4 Black, has 2 key features that most of the GoPro fans are waiting for since the Hero 3. They are the 4K video recording at 30 fps, and 1080p now at 120 fps. Although the Hero 3 has 4K, it only records at 15fps. So, the Hero 4 will be more suitable for professional projects. The “highlight tag” will be one of the new special features.  It allows you to mark a key moment in your video via the WiFi button on the side. If you’re shooting hours of video at a time, it will be easier for users to find out a specific part of the video once they have imported the video into GoPro’s Studio software.

Hero 4 Black will appeal to pros with a faster processor for shooting video at 4 times the resolution of high definition. For the Hero 4 Silver,  it adds a touch screen making GoPro as easy to use as normal cameras. Another camera is a new version of its palm-size camera that’s cheap enough to lose or break on vacation.

What makes GoPros so special and important to most of the action sports lovers?  It is easy to mix and match them with a collection of mounts and straps and record all of the happy moments easily when you are cycling, skiing, etc.


Before getting your new GoPro Hero 4, let’s buy some GoPro Hero 4 accessories now.GoPro-Hero-4-Accessories

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