Rumors about iPhone 6 have been accelerating recently. Most of them are focusing on the screen size of the cell phone. According to some trusted rumors, the screen size of iPhone 6 should be 4.7 inches, which is 0.7-inch larger than the iPhone 5S. The 4.7-inch iPhone will have an increased resolution due to the larger display and with a pixel density of 416. As the demand of larger screen size mobile devices is increasing, the screen size of the iPhone 6 is increased as to adapt to the market. Apple is expected to release this 4.7-inch iPhone 6 around September of 2014.

Apple Device Comparison



Several different alleged iPhone 6 part leaks. The  dimensions of the mobile should be like this: height: 138mm, width: 69mm and thickness of 8mm. In comparison, the iPhone 5s is 124mm tall, 58.6mm wide, and 7.6mm thick. The front panel of the larger iPhone 6 appeared in  the Internet as shown below, showing a notably thinner bezel along with familiar cutouts for a front-facing camera.  Many also mentioned that there is a relocated sleep and wake button. 



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