Recently, many rumors mentioned about the coming Apple iPhone 6. There should be two versions. One is 4.7-inch screen while another one is 5.6-inch screen. The larger one will be similar to the size of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which owns a 5.7-inch screen. It seems that Apple would like to complete with Samsung more directly and test if its users are looking for a larger iPhone or not.

 iPhone 6

The screen of the larger one will be made by higher-end sapphire crystal while the smaller one will be made by Gorilla Glass. But some say that the new American-made sapphire will be used for the coming iWatch instead of the iPhone. If the larger one is made by the sapphire, the one with a 5.6-inch screen will be more expensive than the smaller one as the production cost of sapphire is nearly 7 times more expensive than the Gorilla Glass. As sapphire is extremely hard, the screen of it will not be scratched and worn on easily.


According to Apple launching patterns, the coming iPhone 6 will be launched in the third quarter of 2014. So, are you going to get one during coming Christmas? Will both of them called as iPhone 6? We are looking forward to it. Please have a look on the latest iPhone 6 cases first. Stay tuned with us on Facebook.

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