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DSstyles wanted to create a place where we can share everything related to fashion, technology and gossip. Here is simply a happy place for you to relax and enjoy. You can find the content filled with thoughts, ideas and feelings of us.

Sometimes, our passionate team of phone-case hunters go crazy over the latest in inspired paint, technology and design. we’re devoted to bringing you the very best gear for supporters like you and we’re always on the look out for stuff that make us wow and ahh. We do hope the place will become your regular place for visiting and we hope that this blog gives you a reason to smile.  So, you are more than welcome to share your thoughts, comments and experiences with us.

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Editor Profiles

Lance at London Metro


I took these pictures of me on the way back from a trip. At that time, my friends and I had to wait for several hours out of the station because of the delay of train. We are supposed to be tired and upset. However, in order to spend the time, I find ways to entertain myself, that’s why I looked so joyful. And in others’ eyes, I am always in a happy state. I am that kind of person, from every street or corner, I get fun. Meeting a lovely kid, seeing a cute cat or reading an interesting poster, all these can put me in a good mood where last a whole day. Because I believe that life never been easy, it really depends on the way you treat it. So, smile to every obstacle in your life.

My time in DSstyles is full of pleasure too. Working here, I have many friendly colleagues; I enjoy dealing with every challenge in work. The most important, I can share with you my understanding about fashion, cell phone accessories designs. I am looking forward that everyone here to join our discussion.




I am a fresh graduate who started career in DSstyles. I love fashion. I love this job very much as I can work along with lots of sparkling and beautiful products every day. I always think of how to mix and match our products with different outfits during the time in DSstyles. It just make me feel really pleasant to have such job in every day.

Other than that, I am outgoing and cheerful. I love outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and travelling. Outdoor activities can make me relieve from my everyday hardwork. My dream is to travel around the world and widen my horizon. I believe that every place has its own beauty yet I hope to explore more and to enjoy more the beauty of every place. Also, I hope to make more new friends from all around the world. So, I love writing all about relationship in our daily life and share with you all in DSstyles.

Lance at London MetroLance

If I could have a chance to meet Steve Jobs, I’d never admit to owning an android device after unbox my Mac. I passionate about technology but people usually regard me as an IT guy who is computer master in fixing all errors. However, I’m not.

A travel lover always, travel fuels my thoughts. I still remember the wonderful trip to Glasgow. Every little thing from United Kingdom were always bring to my mind. I am totally in love with the country and the people of there and so i have been capturing everything with “lens” where the most beautiful picture I have taken was in Loch Ness, I love tasting cultural food where the most traditional English breakfast I have tasted was in Inverness.

I also love writing all things digital and share with the world in new and fun way. I hope I get to do a lot of that with DSstyles


DSstyles Sharhira BarryGuest Editor

Hi 🙂 My name is Shahira-I’m 21 and an Irish model and blogger. I originally trained to be a primary school teacher and graduated last year with my Bachelor of Education Degree but my true passion lies around modeling and performing arts (singing, acting and dancing). I took a year out after studying in college to see where the modeling etc… would take me and I haven’t looked back since.. I’m a regular in the Irish press and tabloids, I’ve also had press coverage in the US (Irish Central-where I was compared to Kim Kardashian) and Bangladesh (where my grandfather was from). I was approached by US Playboy in May and in September I had the opportunity to travel to the Playboy Mansion in LA-I had an amazing time! and I have grown a strong friendship with people at the mansion and Playboy-I plan to return in 2013. I also got to be a part of Hip-hop Star Akon’s new music video while I was in Los Angeles. I’ve also been approached by an Irish music producer with the idea of realizing my own single which is an avenue I am excited to venture down. It’s been a fantastic year and I have done so much! I am excited to see what 2013 will bring! I have a facebook like page  and twitter @ShahiraBarry where you can stay in touch with me. I also run my own blog and I’ll be blogging for DSStyles once a month-I am a true ‘girly-girl’ and I love everything girly so my blog is dominated by a lot of modeling, fashion and make-up but also music and interviews. I am delighted to work along-side Dsstyles.com as I love so many of their ‘bling‘ products.
Shahira xo

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