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During the Chinese New Year holidays, the order delivery service will be suspended from 3rd February – 26th February 2018, it will be resumed on 26th February 2018.

Wholesale With Dsstyles

Welcome! By visiting this page, we believe that you are intended to earn your easy money and grow your business with our trendy and wide range products. As a leading phone accessories company in Asia Pacific region, we are an experienced international trader & wholesaler for more than 4 years that is your ideal trading partner. We aim to provide our wholesalers the value-for-money pricing to make sure the business is in a win-win situation all around. We believe we are the right one who can lift up your business competitiveness and tie to your business goal.

DSstyles values wholesalers and fully understand their needs. On top of quality product, we also provide a variety of services to all our trading partners to help them in achieving an excellent sale.

Ready-To-Sell Packaging & Premium Gift Set

We fully understand the importance of visual display which we suggest individual package should contain hanger for smart Wall-Display Style in any retail store. The packaging originally designed to be semi-transparent which comes with EAN Barcodes for enhancing the overall warehousing and logistic. On top of our trusted product supply, we also consider you to adopt perfect product presentation.

Customized Outer Cartons For Easy Distribution

No matter what order amount is, every single business satisfactions are always our priority. To make sure perfect product shipment, DSstyles uses three different carton boxes which can hold 10 pcs, 50 pcs or 100 pcs phone cases respectively.

This ensures products are safely and neatly delivered. Product damage or defective items must not be your concern. Also, the boxes are fixed in these three sizes. This can help you to have a better estimation on the storage space and delivery cost.

  • Box Size
    Box A: 29.5 x 11 x 21 cm (10pcs)
    Box B: 31 x 57 x 23 cm (50pcs)
    Box C: 31 x 57 x 45 cm (100 pcs)

Advance Product Update To Match With Your Needs

Once you have contacted our Sales Team through Contact Us / Live Chat System and intended to become one of our valuable wholesalers, our professional Sales Team will advise and discuss with you about your business plans timely.So, you can find us at any time easily.

After knowing your needs, we will put great effort in finding all of your desired products. For the long term, we will give an advance product update to you once we find any products that match with your needs.

By gaining priority information about our new arrivals and promotional items, you are enabled to place advance order before the items are being offered to the market.

If you are interested in unique and stlyish product, why not trade with us, GET A QUOTE today!

Don't hesitate to share our interest and passion in the high-end product business, we invite you to join us now! You can meet our sale representative on Live Chat System.

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