Shirt Pocket Protectors 10 Pieces Clear Plastic Made

Shirt Pocket Protectors 10 Pieces Clear Plastic Made

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No more ink or pencil marks to accidentally mark or stain your shirt.

1. Save Your Expensive Shirts
    - Can hold badge, pens, cards, etc while protects shirt pocket by tearing or staining by a leaky pen

2. Perfect Size
    - Fits in most pockets such as a t-shirt pocket, dress shirt pocket or lab coat
    - Can hold around 4 pens

3. No Show
    - Clear color doesn't spoil the design or color of your clothing

4. Stay in Place
    - A flap overlapping the pocket exterior helps to secure the pocket protector in place

  • Perfect for office, school, hospital, shop or store, business conference, forum or meeting
  • Made of durable and flexible PVC
  • Size (cm): Approx 15.6 (L) x 8.5 (W)
  • Package includes:
    - Plastic Pocket Protector x 10 

This 10 Pieces Clear Pocket Protectors fits in most pockets. Made of PVC, it's soft, durable, flexible, water resistant and easy to clean. This pocket protector is perfect for everyday work wear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works well. Does its job.

I wish these were a little wider for bigger shirt pockets, but they function just as they should. I am not an expert on pocket protectors, but I work in a job where my guys have to have pens on them all the time, and that leads to lots of ink marks on the bottom of their shirt pockets. Luckily, I found these and have even started carrying my pens in my shirt pockets, which I didn't do before. I even have a post-it pad, and keep pills in there that I might need to take when I get to work. I like it, and so do the guys I gave one to. YAY!

Laura Theodore
These are simply awesome

The background on these is that my husband wants to look like a professor: pants, jacket, etc. And of course, professors wear pens and pencils in their coat pockets. Well, that got us to these babies. The 10-pack is more than he'll need for a grand ol' time, and they work beautifully. The lower part is hidden by the pocket, and the higher part is hidden halfway between the lower and upper part. Overall, it doesn't matter as it's clear and nobody notices. It holds the pends and pencils , and it doesn't come out super easily when the jacket is upside down. It comes out, but slowly. It holds everything, no spills or anything of the sort. My husband usually has a bulky highlighter, mechanical pencil, mechanical pen and an ink pen and still has room.

Lisa Brauer

I was surprise of the thickness of the pocket holders. Love it. I stripe vehicles and need my olfa knife pocket ruler and pens handy. Works great and doesn't rip like the cheaper ones.