Galaxy Bling Swarovski Crystal Phone Cases - Venus
  • Authorized Reseller For Play Bling
  • Designer: Christine
  • Perfect gifts for your beloved
  • Resolution: Up to 1440 x 1200 dpi
  • Each Crystal Is 100% Hand Set By Skilled Craftsman
  • Adhesive Glue Is RoHS Compatible
  • Presented In Premium Gift Set
  • Perfect For Parties And Balls
The design is inspired by the galaxy visualized pattern, together with the crystal made with Swarovski elements to represent the Venus. The impression of a dark and stars has evoked countless myths, art, literature, and religion. Presented in gold galaxy with crystals, it is simple yet enriched by the bling effect.

Mobile phone is not only the tool for communication, it is already a fashion! Play Bling specially design the crystal case for all phone models, to make it as one of the trendy fashion accessories, which can mix and match with your clothes, jewelry, or other accessories.

Combines aesthetic purity and cutting-edge technology, the all-over crystallization is achieved by an entirely new plating process. This technology gives it its immense strength and its superior qualities. Every piece is handmade in more than 20 assembly operations.

Hand polished and assembled, then checked and tested manually at every stage of manufacture, everything is done to guarantee maximum quality in a high precision.

Iconic, with a streamlined silhouette recognizable among all, it is made with laser cut precision decor now achieves to epitomize a match made in heaven of form and functions.

Play Bling's Craftsmanship

In days gone by, people believed that if a person touched an object, that object would form a bond with a part of their soul. Today such thought seems absurd?¦…until you enter the realm of Play Bling's master craftsmen.

We rely on a mechanism that has been perfected over the ages: Our hands.