Hair Dye Tools Set of 22 Hair Coloring Brushes and Bowls Kits

Hair Dye Tools Set of 22 Hair Coloring Brushes and Bowls Kits

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Anyone that dyes their hair at home needs this kit. No more colored ears.
  1. Complete Assortment of Hair Dye Items 
    - Hair Tint Bowl x 2
    - Hair Coloring Comb x 2
    - Hair Dye Brush x 2
    - Hairdressing Clips (random colors shipped) x 4
    - Ear Cover x 4
    - Pair of Disposable Gloves x 1
    - Pair of Rubber Gloves x 1
    - Disposable Cape x 2
    - Disposable Shower Cap x 2
    (Other accessories are not included)

  2. Easy and Professional
    - The bristles of the dye brush are soft yet stiff to efficiently catch dye and spread it on the hair
    - The fine teeth of comb spaced appropriately, help every piece of hair get colored evenly
    -  The clips hold the hair tightly without falling down and getting the wrong colors

  3. Clean and Hygienic
    - Disposable ear covers, cape and shower caps as well as gloves provide all around protection to avoid dye pollution to your skins and clothes
    - Large bowl facilitates the mixing of two colors, no overflow of dye, keeping clean and no mess

  4. Washable and Reusable
    - All the dye tools can be washed easily for next time using, more environmentally friendly

  5. Convenient for Home Coloring
    - Perfect for those who dye their hair consistently and don't want to pay hundreds getting it done professionally
This Hair Dye Kit Set of 24 Hair Coloring Brushes and Bowls Kits contains everything you need to color your hair at home. Not only it made it easier to color your hair at home, but also now you can mix colors the way you want. This was way less than what you've been paying for the same items piece-meal at the large beauty supply chains. 

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