Metal Cat Litter Scoop for Clumping Cat Litter

Metal Cat Litter Scoop for Clumping Cat Litter



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Featuring a 5.5 inches shovel with 0.25 inches holes, this cat litter scoop gets more particles than larger slotted or holed scoops.

  1. Perfect Size
    - Deep shovel with perfectly spaced holes that trap messes and allow clean litter to sift

  2. Ergonomic Handle 
    - Easy and comfortable to grip

  3. Aluminum Alloy Made
    - Durable yet amazingly light in the hand

  • Ideally suited for multi-cat homes with frequently used litter boxes
  • Size (cm): 30 (L) x 14 (W) x 4 (H)
  • Weight (g): 120
  • Package includes:
    - Cat Litter Scoop x 1 (black or blue handle randomly shipped)
This metal Cat Litter Scoop lets you dig out the big clumps, scrape the bottoms and sides of the pan while reducing time, effort and strain on your wrist. Featuring a 5.5 inches shovel with 0.25 inches holes, this cat shovel gets more particles than larger slotted or holed scoops.

Customer Reviews

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I'm so thankful I made this purchase even though there were similar products for cheaper.

This is so sturdy and not all that heavy. The size is big, just what I needed to clean the litter box in less scoops. The fact that this is metal allows the litter to seep through with ease and less sifting. Because of how great it works, I also end up tossing less litter because it only keeps the used clunks I need to get rid of.

The small holes are perfect for keeping in small clumps and rabbit poops so all I need to toss stays in the deep depth groove of the scoop basin.

Absolutely recommend.

Davy Bosarge
No clump left behind

This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! The bad thing is the connection between handle and scooper is pretty weak. I believe it has everything to do with the material. Its aluminum and can bend especially if your getting those clumps that stick to the litter box. I recently changed from a high dollar dr. Something litter to the 4-1 tidy cats and it is so much better! No smell, no sticking to the bottom. Its great! This scooper can handle the job now that i have better litter. I highly recommend this to anyone. "But" i don't recommend using this to scrape the bottom of the box to get those stubborn clumps. The holes are perfect getting any tiny clumps that would have been left behind by any other scooper.


I am 80 yrs old and had many pets mostly cats during my lifetime. I always just cleaned the kitty litter box and fussed a bit because of the small bits left behind with the more standard scoops. As I was checking out pet supplies I came across this scoop and I am glad I did.As time has passed I have become more disabled and must use a wheel chair which places me really down close the the litter I am or trying to scoop up. Using this scoop and light weight litter the job is so easy to accomplish and get everything fuss or bother... each day my kitty has a clean kitty box.
Whoever designed this....THANK YOU!

Whitney Pent
Great product wish I had found it earlier

This is a great product because it is easy on my arthritic hands. Cat waste doesn't really stick to this, although it may be the litter I am using. I wish the holes were somewhat smaller so it could catch the tiny particles, though, but I think that is a fairly common complaint. Can recommend. If anyone out there knows how to get the cat to stop tap dancing on my chest at three in the morning, please, PLEASE, for the love of Pete, let me know...

michael ploetner III

It wood be a good scoop if the handle did not break off. We had it for less than a month and the handle broke completely off.