Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush

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"Effectively reduce shedding."
"Far less molting hair around the house and on clothes."

  1. Effective for Pet Grooming and De-shedding
    - Removes loose undercoat hair easily and quickly by up to 95% in 10 minutes

  2. Fine Comb Teeth Design, Safe to Your Pets
    - Blunt and narrow combing teeth will not damage your pet's top coat
    - Promotes healthier skin and a shiny top coat

  3. Ergonomic Non-slip Handle
    - Comfortable for grip, conforms to your hand for maximum control

  4. Made of TPR, ABS Plastic and Stainless Steel
    - Non-toxic, rustproof and durable
  • Great choice for medium to long haired coats on all breeds
  • Recommended by veterinarians and professional grommers
  • Size (cm): 14 (L) x 10 (Blade Width)
  • Package includes:
    - Dog Brush x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)

"Your Pets, We Care."


  • Neck and Head
    - Tangles and clumps of hair are easily found on neck and behind the ears
    - Don't pull hard when you comb, do it slow and soft 

  • Chest
    - Their chest is sensitive and if possible, clip hair short before you comb

  • Legs
    - No need to bend their legs, just comb from the top to their feet

  • Back
    - Sit your dog properly and comb from the top of their spine

  • Tail
    - Some dogs may feel nervous when combing their tail, keep it slow and soft 
This Pet Dog Grooming Comb is a great brush for de-shedding or grooming your cats or dogs. This cat brush helps easily and gently comb the dirt and hair out of your pets, and while giving them a soft massage. With this cat grooming comb, you home will be free from molting hair.

Customer Reviews

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Claire Allcock
Amazing deshedding tool.

I'm so pleased I purchased this item. I have two dogs, their fur is really horrible it get everywhere, I've been looking for something to help with this problem, well I found the deshedding tool, I simply couldn't believe it that i haven't tool in my hands. To my surprise, read the instructions washe'd and started the grooming process , after two days in noticed no dog hairs. It amazing. Thanks highly recommend.