Portable Dog Water Bottle for Travel Outdoor Sports 585ml

Portable Dog Water Bottle for Travel Outdoor Sports 585ml

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Prevent Heat Exhaustion for Dogs

"We know heat stroke for dogs is not something to take lightly. Heat exhaustion in dogs can lead to serious and potentially fatal conditions such as cardiac arrest." To prevent heat exhaustion for dogs, provide them with water. 

Why you need this bottle:

  1. Easy Drinking with Top Bowl
    - The top bowl has a 10.5cm diameter in size which allows them to drink easily

  2. Squeeze and Operate with One Hand
    - Squeeze more water on the top bowl for your dog. Do it only with the ease of one hand

  3.  Dirty Water Don't Drain Back Inside
    - Straw linking with the top bowl comes with a patent designed ball tip to avoid water drain back inside, and also to prevent leakage if the bottle was accidentally put upside down

  4. BPA Free and Save to Use
  • Made of PP and PE
  • Keep your pets hydrated whenever you go
  • Comes with removable Velcro strap
  • Fits in most standard car cup holder for easy transport
  • Package includes: 
    - Dog Drinking Bottel x 1 
    (Other accessories are not included)
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Weight (g): 120
  • Height (cm): 21.5
  • Capacity (ml): 585
  • Bottle Diameter (cm): 8
  • Drinking Plate Diameter (cm): 10.5
    This Portable Dog Water Bottle for Travel Outdoor Sports is made of durable PP plastic and PE and it is BPA free. With this dog water bottle bowl, you can walk your dog long distances without having to worry about finding a water source. Just squeeze and operate with one hand and water will fill the top bowl for easy access for your pet dogs to drink. And release your squeeze and the excess water will return to the dog travel water bottle. The removable Velcro strap helps this lightweight dog water bowl bottle easily attaches to backpack and this is one of the portable pet supplies for its easily fitting in in most standard car cup holder.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    I love it and it is so handy

    Awesome dog drinker

    Fantastic tool, diesn’t Spill like my old drinker did and my dog has taken to it like a duck to water.

    My dog enjoy the great summer with this!

    My best friend bought one of these for her chocolate lab & I was impressed when I saw her using it. So, I bought one for my little teddy bear puppy & she took to it immediately. It's so easy to use that I keep it filled inside the car & it's available whenever we go for our 'rides'. With the very hot summer we're having here in Northern Nevada this allows me to ensure that my 'baby' is staying hydrated. Great product!

    Keep that pup hydrated!!!!

    This is a great item. Well designed, easy to fill and use. My GSDs love it and can't wait to drink from it when we're at the park. You simply squeeze the bottle, the dish fills up and stays full as long as you keep squeezing. Once they dogs are done drinking, stop the squeeze and the water goes back into the bottle, that's it. While carrying, there are NO spills, no leaks, perfection.
    The only spills you'll experience are from when your bundle of joy is actually drinking from it, which nothing can be done about :)

    Get used to it

    Reduces the amount of water we have to carry for our dog because whatever she doesn't drink gets sucked back in. Took her a while to get used to the sounds it makes when we squeeze to release the water into the bowl and the suction sound when we let go. We trained her to not be afraid by setting the bottle on our home floor and putting treats in the cup. Before that she wouldn't go near it.