Shimano REVOSHIFT SL-RS35 Twist Shifter

Shimano REVOSHIFT SL-RS35 Twist Shifter

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The REVOSHIFT shifter requires just twisting with thumb and index finger while keeping your hands on the handlebar.

1. Easy for Beginners
    - Easy and reliable shifting is good for average riders and beginners.

2. DUAL SIS System
    - Front and rear index shifting
    - The SIS rear index shifting system was adopted at the front making shifting operation is easier and more comfortable

* Left shifter is non-SIS 

3. Dual-diameter Shift Collar
    - Allows any hand size to get a secure grip on the shift collar

4. Optical Gear Display
    - Tells you which gear position is selected
    - Makes shifting control easier

  • Speed:
    - 3 speed (ONLY LEFT shifter for front gear)
    - 6 speed (ONLY RIGHT shifter for rear gear)
    - 7 speed (ONLY RIGHT shifter for rear gear)
    - 18 speed (Pair of left and right shifters 3x6 for front and rear gear)
    - 21 speed (Pair of left and right shifters 3x7 for front and rear gear)
  • Suitable for handlebar with 22.2mm diameter
  • Package includes:
    - Shimano Shifter x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)

This Shimano REVOSHIFT SL-RS35 Twist Shifter is made of high quality materials, giving you a good grip during cycling. This Shimano bike shifter set combines durability, reliability, and welcoming price point, is another outstanding addition to the Shimano family of products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Steven C. Sheppard
I Believe in These Types of Shifters Again

I built these shifters as perfectly as I could! They are very smooth. I had to order a front deraileur, but if you adjust your rear perfectly after installation they work perfectly. Adjustment is necessary! Don't let that adjuster on the rear deraileur ruin your life! Practice practice practice.

Brad B.
I like that shifters like this

I like that shifters like this, that aren't fully indexed, are still available. These work very well on flat bar road bikes that only have a double crankset. My Schwinn Varsity was such bike. It came with Sram MRX shifter, they were the cheapest ones, not MRX Comp. The Shimano Revoshift is a much smoother, easier to use alternative...but you must have the "friction" front shifter. This allows you to operate just two chainrings. It's a simple and effective setup. This way, I don't have to lug a heavy triple crankset and mountain derailleurs around. I upgraded to the Tourney A070 groupset and use THESE Shimano Revoshift shifters, friction on the front. A good product especially if you find trigger shifters cumbersome,uncomfortable, or like me, have an inflammatory problem in your wrists.

Marshall David
Best Shimano Friction Shifter

These shifters rock, are by and far better in quality than the ones I originally bought, which that's understatement coming from me. The shifters I bought before, were cheap quality thus cheap in price. Shimano, while it is a Japanese name it's one that is a well-known name known to the bicycle and fishing industry. They've been around since 1921, that's a long time and while I realize I could've easily gone with SRAM which is an American bicycle components company based in Chicago, I just have never seen the same quality with SRAM as I have with Shimano. Plus, while Shimano may recommend that you replace their brake and derailleur cables often, I have found that's not always necessary. While these shifters may not last me, forever, they will last me longer than a generic pair. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new pair of shifters.

Mark Passini
Shimano REVOSHIFT Twistshifter

I'm very pleased with the REVOSHIFT SL-RS35. It is precise to each gear, better than the original that came with the bike. I would recommend it.

John Hall

Purchased shifter for renovation project for customer
Product received timely and customer exceptionally satisfied