Shimano Altus M310 7/8 Speed Rear Derailleur

Shimano Altus M310 7/8 Speed Rear Derailleur

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The Shimano Altus M310 is an affordable but high performing rear derailleur which ideally fits a 7 or 8 speed drivetrain.

1. Less Noise and Wear
    - Oversize 13/15-tooth tension and guide pulleys to reduce noise and wear
    - More ground clearance

2. Wide Gear Choice
    - For use with 28 to 34 tooth low rear sprockets, total capacity 43 teeth
    - IG and HG chain, 7 or 8 speed compatible

3. Light Action Operation
    - Extension spring and low-friction fluorine-coated link pivot bushing result in a light shifting action

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Top normal spring for use with rapidfire shifters
  • Direct-attach rear derailleurs
  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy
  • Cassette spacing: Shimano/SRAM 8
  • Chain wrap capacity (teeth): 43 teeth
  • Pulley: 13t upper and 15t lower
  • Largest cog (teeth): 34 teeth
  • Weight (g): 326 g
  • Package includes:
    - Shimano RD-M310 Rear Derailleur x 1
    (Other accessories are not included)

This Shimano Altus M310 7/8 Speed Rear Derailleur features an advanced light-action, long-cage design with Teflon-coated bushings. What sets the Shimano Altus derailleur apart from other rear derailleurs is its unique 13 tooth upper and 15 tooth lower pulleys that provide a 43 teeth chain wrap capacity (more than conventional 11 tooth pulleys) and enable them to rotate with less friction.

Customer Reviews

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Dunger rebuild

I bought a real dunger bike for peanuts at a wrecker's yard for riding on the beach then realized it was far better than first realized. It is now doing duty as a bike-packing machine riding mostly single track. When bought it had Shimano Altus front and rear derailleurs all gunged up to a degree that they were unrecognizable. After cleaning and servicing and replacing the chain they run as smoothly as a babies bum, my only grouch was the indexed change levers; these were incorporated with the brake levers and so whatever position one or the other was hard to operate A change to friction thumb levers and separate brake levers cured this problem. Now in almost daily use for over a year with no trouble, Good value gears as they would be at least 20 years old at a guess.

T. Connolly
Works GREAT with the Shimano Mega Range

Installed my Shimano Altus RDM310 and it works GREAT with the Shimano Mega Range freewheel. A noticeable improvement from the stock Shimano Tourney that came with the bike.

M Leviness

Works better than I was expecting.

Easy to Install and Adjust

I purchased this new derailleur to replace an older version of an Altus derailleur that had been damaged during an accident on this 21 speed mountain bike a while ago. After bending the derailleur mounting lug on the bike's frame back into it's correct position, this derailleur fit and performed perfectly. This newer model appears to be better constructed and is lighter than the old one. Instead of a longer cage this derailleur has larger cogs that save some length. The cable connection works like a charm and after minor tension adjustment this derailleur operates smoothly and accurately.

Phillip Powell
Shimano parts !!! Just can't go wrong !!!

Good replacement for old unit!, Easy to fit and worked perfectly