Silicone Webbed Gloves for Swim Training

Silicone Webbed Gloves for Swim Training

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To catch up Phelps, you may just need a pair of our swimming hand fins.

  1. Easily Swim Faster
    - Compared to your bare hand for propulsion, increases surface area by 70%
    - Much more power and speed in the water

  2.  Retain Your Finger Flexibility
    - Give finger dexterity to pick small objects, to press small buttons on a camera underwater or to adjust diving equipment

  3. Put On / Off with Ease
    - Compared to full gloves, half hand design makes it more easily to put on or off 

  • Made of silicone
  • Fold up small
  • Easy to dry off and store
  • Available in 3 sizes
    - Size Small (cm): Approx 15 (L) x 4 (W), theoretically for children
    - Size Medium (cm): Approx 17 (L) x 5.5 (W), theoretically for adult female
    - Size Large (cm): Approx 19 (L) x 6.5 (W), theoretically for adult male
  • Package includes:
    - Webbed Swim Gloves x 1 pair
This Silicone Webbed Gloves for Swim Training is great for beginners. While they propel you throw the water, they also provide additional resistance, in a very gentle way. Thanks to the tips of your fingers stick out of the ends of these webbings, you can handle small objects easily underwater.

Customer Reviews

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I'm listing my finger sizes if it helps

As I am giving these a 5 star rating I clearly love them. They make swimming with my mermaid fin even faster. They are quite a lot of fun. When I was going over reviews I noticed complaints about sizing issues. I bought both a large and a medium just to be on the safe side and let me tell you what I discovered. For those who claimed that they have small hands but only the large fins fit I a pretty sure don't actually have small hands. They didn't give sizes so I don't know for certain, but my hands are (ring sizes); 6.5 for the thumbs, 6 for both pointer and middle fingers, 4.5 for my ring fingers, and 2.5 for my pinkies. The medium size fin fits me perfectly. I hope giving the size of my fingers help others in their sizing decisions.

Andrew T. Coyne
Great to be a frog!

Before I got these I was swimming 20 laps in 1/2 hour. With the webs I immediately jumped to 22 laps in the same time, a 10% increase. I think the webs allow me to apply more muscle to the water and gives me a better workout. Does not hurt that I can usually swim faster than the guy in the next lane either. I know, I'm cheating, but I need some sort of advantage at my age.